Our team is called RC-AUV, because it was founded on the basis of the center for the development of robotics in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. Our city is located near the sea, and therefore is an ideal place for classes in underwater robotics. It was decided to name the AUV in honor of the famous scientist, founder of Russian underwater robotics, – Aсademiсian Mikhail D. Ageev. Members of our team are experienced programmers, electronics engineers, design engineers, who participated in many different underwater robotics competitions, and enthusiasts who are just starting their way in this field. Despite the different age and practical experience of the participants, all team members work on a common goal, as a whole. Also, a distinctive feature of the workflow can be called the development of an underwater vehicle from scratch, during which each team member can offer their own creative ideas, put theoretical knowledge into practice and exchange experience with their friends. 🙂


Here is an information page about our team members…

Team Mentors

Team Leader

Anton Konstantinov
Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I’m man – underwater robot. For the last 5 years, I have been the captains of underwater robotics teams. RC-AUV will try to show a very high level of skill at the ROBOSUB AUV competition, such as we showed at the MATE ROV competitions.

Team Members

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