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Meet our team!

RC-AUV is a team of The Center for Robotics Development located in Russia, Vladivostok.

This team has already competed at Robosub, but this year we have a completely new line-up.

The team consists of only three people: Platon Pryazhenikov - design engineer and two programmers: Alexey Zauzolkov and Vitaly Shevchenko.

Photo of Vitaliy Shevchenko

Vitaliy Shevchenko

Programmer, 19 years old ·

He has been engaged in underwater robotics since 2015. Twice won first place and once second in Russian Robot Olympiad. As part of the school team, he took second place in the MATE 2019 ROV Competition. At the moment, he is a mentor and prepares students to participate in the MATE 2021 ROV Competition.

Photo of Platon Pryazhennikov

Platon Pryazhennikov

Design engineer, 18 years old ·

First-year student in "Shipbuilding". Involved in Underwater Robotics since 2018. Took part in MATE 2019 ROV competitions, where his team took second place. Actively participates in exhibitions and conferences where it promotes underwater robotics

Photo of Alexey Zauzolkov

Alexey Zauzolkov

Team captain. Programmer, 21 years old ·

Fourth-year student in "Computer Science". Employed in Micro Underwater Robot Company since 2020. Involved in the development of commercial underwater vehicles. Participated in a number of organizers of several underwater robotics competitions in Russia.

MiddleAUV vehicle photo

Our vehicle

We took the MiddleAUV CM4 vehicle by Robotics Center and significantly improved it to meet our requirements.

This vehicle features Raspberry Pi CM4 and Coral AI accelerator module. It's also possible to connect an additional payload in various ways.

We are aiming for the competition again!

Our team participated in the Robosub 2019 with AUV named after the Akademik Ageev.

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