Here is an information page about our team members…

Team Mentors

Team Leader

Anton Konstantinov
Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I’m man – underwater robot. For the last 5 years, I have been the captains of underwater robotics teams. RC-AUV will try to show a very high level of skill at the ROBOSUB AUV competition, such as we showed at the MATE ROV competitions.

Team Members

Nikita Ermolenko – ml engineer, currently pursuing a master’s degree in robotics and control.

Viktor Uskov He is the big nice men. He is robotics engineer. He want save the world and peace. For it, he mast destroy capitalism and create socialism in all world . Its our Viktor. O! And yet, he is mechanic in out team. He created electronic unit, led unit, tilt cam unit, dropper and torpedoes mechanism. Who is the best man in the world? Hah, it’s Viktor, without words.

I am a student of FEFU, I am studying at the 4th year of study, specialty “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science”. In the team I am a programmer, I am writing a C ++ program for working with Zed stereo camera.

My name is Vladislav. I am a student at the Far Eastern Federal University, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am interested in digital signal processing and telecommunication technologies. Since childhood I have been studying electronics and programming of embedded systems.

I’m Alexey, I study in the FEFU specialty electronics and nanoelectronics. In the team, I develop electronics, I also enjoy programming.

Hello! I’m Alexander. 2nd year master student of FEFU, Vladivostok. Participating in underwater robotic competition for the 2 years. I’m inspiring by biologic and engineering systems.

My name is Anton. I am 20 years old. I have been developing underwater vehicles for 3 years. I love architecture, construction and everything connected with it.